Poly TIJ S2i

HP Thermal Ink Jet Printer

  • Inbuilt barcode scanner
  • 2 or 4 wheel options
  • Scan – Database – WiFi to printer
  • Text, barcodes & logos
  • Suited for applications in foodprocessing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical
  • POLYtij ® V3.0ie inks & NANOtij ® inks


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The POLYtij S® 2i HP thermal inkjet printer has an inbuilt barcode scanner & shaft encoder which others users the ability to scan a barcode & print barcodes, text or even logos.

The user interface is simple enabling operators to quickly enter text, barcodes & logos if required.

Like all POLYtij printers, the printer comes with a large and unique range of inks that can print onto both most porous & non porous substrates used in the fast moving consumer goods market.

Poly TIJ S2i

Poly TIJ S2i

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Poly TIJ S2i

Technical Specifications

Mobile hand printer with inbuilt scanner
  • Specification : 218*79*152mm (H*W*D) / 8.6*3.1*6 inch
  • Language : Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian
  • Multi-line printing : Support multi-line printing
  • Printable heights(mm)1~12.7mm
  • Interface : Newly operation touch interface,5inch,1280*720 resolution capacitive screen
  • Printing data : Variable data like expiry date, production date, lot number and operator information,image/logo,barcode etc
  • Built-in coder : Built-in coder make printer more handy and light
  • Reprint : Real-time monitoring content of dynamic data printing,and real-time reprint failed content
  • Database : Flexible data edit,support several data sources,insert different data sources in the same object
  • User management : Set up different operation limits as user’s request
  • Throw distance : 300DPI standard with four wheels
    Two wheels is optional
  • Port USB2.0 port : Support U-Disk
  • Inkmanagement : Identify ink type automatically and recommend the best printing parameter Original authentic HP ink cartridge guaranteed
    Automatic measuring system for ink consumption
  • Battery : 2pcs standard rechargeable batteries with large capacity
    Each battery is comprised of three 2200mAh battery module
    >300 cycle number
    About 4H(Depends on testing)
  • Certificate: CE,FCC