Cosmetics and Toiletries

The personal care industry produces an extremely vast range of products that come with equally vast coding specifications for the packaging. This is further influenced by factors such as size polarization (travel sized/tester pots to economical packs), niche branding to ensure that your product stands out from the hundreds others, and adaptive packaging for the different populations (easy grip containers for the elderly and fun packaging for the younger population group).

We provide flexible, cost-effective solutions that deliver quality code and full traceability across a variety of different pack formats and material types to help you meet your customer’s needs, comply with legislation and reduce overall production costs.

Our CIJ, Laser and Large Character Printing solutions can help maximise uptime between multiple SKUs with quick, error-free code changeovers while line setups can be stored and retrieved for repeat work.


And find out how our coding solutions will benefit you.

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