The meat sector employs over 100,000 people in abattoirs, meat processing and manufacturing plants. The meat processing industry is getting itself ready to shape the future, and at this crucial point it is highly necessary for your printing equipment to play the role it needs to well. This ensures the processors are ready to meet future opportunities head on.

The regulations on meat traceability are changing, which means the packaging materials also need to evolve to meet the increasing environmental concerns and opportunities for this differentiation. The packaging must need to reflect the premium products, which makes it crucial for your coders to meet legal requirements and supports your production targets.

Our printers are designed to help you do this very thing, by reducing the risk of recalls and rework, delivering quality batch codes in challenging production environments, and meeting a wide range of coding requirements. We guarantee to deliver legible codes which stay in place and meet the labelling and FSA regulations on the widest range of packaging materials, including flexible packaging which may incorporate additives, and PET/recycled packaging.

  • Continuous Ink jet (CIJ) - quality batch codes delivered by non-contact CIJ printers – supports premium branding of niche products
  • Laser coders - Replace illegible ink stamping or branding on animal carcasses with accurate and permanent laser coding. The Linx SLHP laser coder is high powered and IP65 rated for meat processing environments offering faster, cleaner coding with quicker message changes.
  • Linx CIJ inks - whether grease-penetrating or odour free USDA-compliant inks are needed, our inks leave a durable code throughout the product’s lifetime.


And find out how our coding solutions will benefit you.

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