Any kind of primary and secondary packaging for coding and marking will be delivered by our coders. They make printing on any place on your product, with any orientation and onto a wide range of substrates, extremely simple and easy.

They offer an easy integration into your existing packaging lines, the process of code setup is intuitive and a selection of our coders have been designed to be moved around quickly for your ease of use, wherever you need them. A full range of coding formats is offered to you, including text, variable dates, and quality graphics and logos, that maximises the coding options for contract packers who need to meet their customers’ stringent packaging printing requirements

Both CIJ and laser coding solutions offer low ownership costs thanks to our design standards for quality and efficiency. Our CIJ coders reduce ongoing costs by efficiently using inks and solvents; while our laser coders offer fast line speeds and effective coding without the need for consumables. The efficiency of both ranges of coding solutions indicates that you will have reduced long term costs.

Our coders are designed and built to save money on maintenance, we offer coders with built-in self-service options, while all of our coders are designed for long intervals between service, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum by reducing the amount of service our equipment requires.

  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) inks for a range of materials – from paper and card to plastic and packaging films
  • Thermal Ink Jet (TIJ) coding for primary and secondary packaging. High quality coding and a clean alternative to roller coders and valvejet systems
  • Laser Coders – for permanent packaging coding – ideal for high value goods, anti-counterfeiting and high speed lines
  • Large Character Coders - high resolution coding for large character printing onto secondary packaging – save costs by replacing labels or pre-printed packaging


And find out how our coding solutions will benefit you.

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