Wire and Cable

High speed cable marking and wire printing solutions are some of the services we have to offer the wire and cable industry. These coders use smaller characters that ensure reliable traceability and product identification, even on fibre optic cables.

An intuitive user interfaces ensures your quick control over code creations and selections, and a link to a central PC further reduces the chance of operator errors.

Built-in reliability also means less downtime on your line, as Linx's non contact cable and wire coders function quickly and effectively - enabling you to keep up with high speed cabling production.

Our digital wire coders have the capability of delivering quick and simple chn=anges to codes with a minimum downtime. Precision and clarity on a wide range of materials are at the fore, which meet internationally set wire and cable coding standards, using add-ons like metre marking software to place the code just where you need it.

  • Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) – non-contact, digital coding solutions provide quick and accurate code changeovers
  • Laser Coders – high quality, permanent coding at high speed


And find out how our coding solutions will benefit you.

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