The confectionery industry is changing. The trend of re-sealable bags or tubs of bite-sized chocolate has brought in the demand for different types of plastic packs, in addition to the traditional paper or card outer wrapper of the chocolate bar or box.

Environmental mistakes in production lines, between the machines and the staff working together can turn out to be very costly ones for the manufacturers. The downtime and wasted products increase and the role of coding machinery, though small, is very crucial. Reliable and versatile coding is of the utmost importance.

Code requirements may be as simple as best before and manufacture dates. But, these are driven by legislation and the strict food regulations and measures mean that a lot of importance needs to be placed on these markings. Thus, mistakes with regard to this are something that no manufacturer can think to afford. Our range of coders and printers offer suitable solutions for the same -

Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) - provide non-contact, high speed coding capabilities and easy to use interfaces for quick, error-free code changes

Laser Coders - fast, non-contact solution offers permanent, high quality batch coding of confectionery packaging on a wide range of materials Large Character Printers - a cost-effective alternative to labels and pre-printed boxes, ideal for secondary packaging.


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