Linx CSL30

Easy to use Easy line integration – detachable marking head with quick disconnect cables Multiple beam delivery options allow for coding in any orientation Easy message creation and management of printing parameters with the large colour LinxVision® Touch Screen, and LinxVision software Reduce your coding errors and meet coding regulations with password controls that can restrict access to qualified personnel only


  • Reduce running costs and delays with 45,000* hour tube life – one of the longest on the market

  • Service intervals typically twice that of the industry standard

  • No expensive factory air for cooling

  • Flip, mirror or curve text – easily code onto difficult shapes

  • Over 20,000 different configurations to economically meet your coding requirements


  • A powerful, four-core processor allows printing of complex messages – including 2d barcodes, QR codes and logos - on fast lines with no compromise on code quality

  • Crisp, clear coding on glass, even at high line speeds, with VisiCode®, a unique set of parameters


Printing capability

CO2 scribing laser coder Line speed - up to 900 m/min (code and substrate dependent) Maximum laser output power at lens – 30 W Lens and head options (range): Spot Size 0.114 mm – 1.6 mm Marking Field 29 mm x 36 mm to 440 mm x 601 mm (wide web application) Mark distance 67 mm – 576 mm Number of lines of text - only limited by character size and marking field size Character height - up to marking field size Print rotation – 0-360° Marking head rotation – 0-360°

Programming facilities

Code options: date, time, static text, variable text, serial numbers, alphanumeric, shift codes, increment/decrement (batch count), ID Matrix 2D codes, barcodes, QR codes, graphics and logos, Julian dates, custom date and time formats Laser tube wavelengths - 10.6 µm, 9.3 µm, or 10.2 µm Marking head options – 4 marking heads available as standard Versatile Beam delivery options for easy integration into your production line: Down (90°) or Straight (0°) Shooter 360° Beam Extension Unit (BEU) Variable length Beam Turning Unit (BTU) IP rating - IP54 as standard, IP65 option Air cooled - not factory air Large volume gas tube can last in excess of 45,000* hours Laser tube warranty – 2 years *Tube life may vary according to application.

Physical characteristics

Material: Stainless steel covers, anodized aluminium chassis Weight: CSL10 laser marking unit with SHC60c head 15 kg, CSL30 laser marking unit with SHC60c head 20 kg Conduit length: 3 m (standard), 5 m (optional), 10 m (optional) Head mounting options: Down (90°), or straight shooter (0°), variable length Beam Extension Units (BEU), 90° Beam Turning Unit (BTU) Marking head rotation: 0-360° with BEU and BTU Protection class: IP54 or IP65 (optional) Cooling: IP54 Air cooled, IP65 Blower Unit Supply voltage/frequency: Auto selection range 100 to 240V Maximum power consumption: CSL10 – 0.4kW; CSL30 – 0.7kW


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