LINX 7900

The Linx 7900 industrial continuous ink jet printer for coding and marking is equipped in a way that meets all your standards for design and efficiency.

Automated features ensure eradication of errors and a rise in productivity of your coding and marking processes, Prints up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes.


  • Automated code setup using a barcode scanner, or data from a PC or PLC.

  • Automatically sets print parameters such as print orientation, height and width, and position on pack.

  • Sets date offset Reduces coding errors and speeds up product changeovers.

  • Reduce your coding errors and speed up product changeovers.

  • Automatically selects the best message type according to the line speed–for optimum print quality

  • Simplifies code setup

  • Service intervals of up to 18 months or 9000 hours

  • Prints up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes


  • Print History log

    Records number of codes printed and stoppages.
    Keeps an accurate record of line output – eliminating the need for manual logging.
    Measures the line performance against your targets; accurately meet customer order volumes.

  • Simple printer control

    Remote printer monitor and control with Linx Insight.
    Quick code setup using QuickSwitch Plus software and PrintSync automatic print format selection.
    Easy transfer of messages between printers with a standard USB port or Linx Insight software.

  • Lowest running costs

    Long service intervals of up to 9000 hours or 18 months.
    FullFlush® self-cleaning techn 18 month warranty.
    Adjustment-free printhead for Minimal parts changed at scheduled services –there are no expensive ink system assemblies to replace, so no hidden costs.


Printing capability

Up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos, barcodes
3 lines as standard
Maximum print speed of 8.41m/s (for single line of code)
Print heights from 1.4mm to 13.8mm
Data Matrix 2D codes
Dynamic reverse/invert printing for traversing lines
Rotated character (tower) printing

Programming facilities

LINX Insight remote printer control and status view
Simple menu-driven WYSIWYG message creation and editing
QuickSwitch® Plus message selection and editing using a barcode scanner
PrintSync automated print format selection
Print history log
Large colour display
USB port for copy and back-up of messages and printer settings, downloading logos, and for easy transfer of messages between printers
1000-message storage

Physical characteristics

Curved stainless steel casing with minimal dirt traps
IP55 (washdown) as standard and IP65 (dust-proof) as optional
Weighs only 21kg
No factory air required
Single button startup and shutdown


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