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Looking for marking solutions with utmost quality and care?

Printing Technology

As a well established marking and coding solutions provider, we ensure our superiority
in quality and our services by making use of only the best in industrial
standard machinery for all our printing and coding needs..

Continuous Inkjet Printers

Continuous Ink Jet systems (CIJ) work by expelling electrically charged ink droplets from a printhead nozzle and passing them through an electric field. The ink jet is broken into drops inside the chamber through a pulse from the piezoelectric crystal.

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Laser Technology

The technology is perfect for high volumes of printing and creating easy traceability on food, drink and pharmaceutical products. A concentrated beam of light is deflected by mirrors through a lens to form characters by removing material or coating from the product or packaging.

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Thermal Inkjet Printers

Thermal Inkjet (TIJ) printers use standard ink cartridge systems and do not require any bottles of inks or solvent, making thermal inkjet printers clean and simple to use. Thermal inkjet printers use a drop ejection process, storing ink in a cartridge that regulates the pressure of the fluid.

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Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO’s) use a high-resolution thermal printhead to produce crisp, clear barcodes and information directly onto flexible packaging, labels or foil products. The thermal printhead, thermally transfers ink on a ribbon onto various types of poly film.

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Coding Solutions

Encompassing every industry with our top of the line coding and marking solutions,
delivering and servicing your every requirement with utmost quality and care.

Our Products

Linx 8800 Series


Low ownership costs, ease of use, fast and error free coding, offers maximum efficiency and has a longer scheduled maintenance (upto 18 months).

LINX 8820 & 8840

  • Print up to 6 lines
  • Self-service with up to 18 months
  • Printhead cleaning interval up to three months
Laser Technology

Linx CSL10 Fastest 10 W scribing laser coder

Designed to be economical yet versatile, it is suitable for a wide range of laser marking applications. Produces complex variable codes and dynamic messages, even on high speed lines for quality coding on a wide range of materials. With a detachable marking head and connectors for easy installation

Linx CSL10 & CSL30

  • Easy message creation
  • Easy line integration & detachable marking head
  • Reduce your coding errors and meet coding regulations
  • Multiple beam delivery options
Ink & Solvents

Outstanding performance on most common materials,

Our range of general-purpose black inks gives outstanding performance on most common materials, ideal for most general external packaging applications.

  • Linx General Purpose Black Inks
  • Linx Special Adherence Inks
  • Food Grade Inks
  • Linx Contrasting Inks
  • Process Specific Inks
  • Security (UV Readable) Inks
  • Coloured Inks for Pale Substrates
  • Large Character Marking

Lease Machine & Equipment
rather than buy it ?

We also provide printing machines and support equipment like conveyors and rewinders on lease, based on seasonal and non – seasonal clients as well as customers who do not have CAPEX. This comes without any hidden blocks, the customer is free from investment, inventory, maintenance, AMCs and issues from printers.

  • For seasonal businesses
  • Economical savings
  • Pay Per Code (PPC)


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