Thermal Transfer Overprinters

TTO Technology

Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO’s) use a high-resolution thermal printhead to produce crisp, clear barcodes and information directly onto flexible packaging, labels or foil products. The thermal printhead, thermally transfers ink on a ribbon (which is commonly threaded onto a cassette) onto various types of poly film (LLDPE, LDPE, BOPP). Unlike other inkjet technologies, TT overprinters are in direct contact with the substrate, allowing better quality text, graphics and barcodes.

Most flexible packaging machines (Flow wrappers, vertical form fill and seal – VFFS, horizontal form fill and seal – HFFS, thermoformers, tray sealing, shrink / sleeve / stretch wrapping) that TTO’s are incorporated with, have either a continuous or intermittent operation. It’s important to determine the best print location in the context of the films motion path, as this can significantly impact print quality.

When using the thermal transfer printing technology, you can print everything from simple date codes and batch codes to logos, product descriptions, ingredients lists, nutritional panels and fully compliant barcodes. If you need high-density barcodes and labels with longevity, a thermal transfer printer is an excellent option.

Advantages of a Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal transfer printers use a high-resolution thermal printhead, which melts a wax and/or resin-based ink from a very thin thermal transfer ribbon (or “foil”) coating onto the surface of your product.

High Quality Print

High-Resistance Codes: Thermal flexible packaging printing creates a highly resistant product that is able to withstand any chemicals, humidity, UV rays, abrasion and climatic changes that your packaging may encounter on its journey through the supply chain.
High Speed: Smooth, waxy surface of the thermal transfer ribbon creates less friction when applying your code onto the product, making it ideal for faster production lines.
Efficient printing: TTO printers are designed for reduced downtime and maximised ribbon economy keep your business running smoothly.
Please note, Ribbon Print Performance can vary depending on the grade of ribbon, thermal transfer printer and substrate (film type) being coded onto.

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